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Reducing Cook County Property Taxes, part 3

Over the past few days, I’ve been writing about the very boring, but very important property tax appeal process in Cook County. Apologies if you don’t live in Cook County — I’ll get back to more fun things soon. For those interested homeowners who do live in Cook County, there are several ways to try to reduce your…

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Reducing Cook County Property Taxes, part 2

Yesterday I offered resources to help you appeal your Cook County property tax assessment, especially if your township is open for appeals. If you’re in Niles Township, that deadline is this Thursday, October 6th. Note that you must submit the application by that date, however you can indicate that you’ll send supporting evidence/documentation later. For Niles…

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Reducing Cook County Property Taxes

Six years ago, I wrote about the Cook County Property Tax Homeowner Exemption, which is a reduction in the assessed valuation of your home and decreases the property taxes for owner-occupied residences here in Cook County. I checked and updated the information there to reflect any new links, so go there if you want to know more…

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