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Earlier this week I showed off our outdoor water feature, the Giant Bubbling Urn. You may have noticed the decorative “stones” in the bowl at the top of the urn and, since the colors match the urn so well, thought that the stones came with the urn. This was actually Pete’s brilliant idea. These are…

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Recycling and Reducing around the House

Like Humphrey House and the other residents of Oak Park, we are also fortunate here in Morton Grove to have a recycling program that accepts virtually everything without our having to sort it all: office papers, newspapers, cardboard, chipboard, virtually all plastics including grocery bags, styrofoam containers, glass, cans (including the lid) —— even aluminum…

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Paint Resourcefulness

We had another productive weekend on the basement project. I painted the window trim as well as the red ceiling stripes, and it is looking fantastic. I love being able to use up paint, and I had a quart of paint called “British Red” from long ago that I thought would be perfect for the…

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Current Favorite

The third bedroom in our house is just off the kitchen near the back door. We thought it would be a perfect little family/media room, and I really like how it is turning out so far. Originally I imagined the space as a TV/media/home office space, but it’s a small room and since I always…

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