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Closing the Door on Dirty Laundry

We can finally cross the laundry room door off our To-Do List/2015 Goals, and it’s only January 15th! This is another one of my Re-use/Re-purpose projects. The door was the original exterior door to the basement. When we did the attic remodel in 2009, our contractor used a metal door that he had from another…

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Dismantling the Pool Table

One of the things the PO left behind was the pool table in the basement (I think every homeowner tries to leave behind their pool table rather than moving it!). We used it from time-to-time in the early years, but it became a rarity after a couple years. Practically the only time it has been…

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Workbench, now Sideboard

Finally, and as promised, here is my grandfather’s wonderful workbench in its new role as our dining room sideboard. When we initially moved it inside, I wasn’t quite sure I liked it and my heart sank. I was hoping it just needed some balance with other things. I moved a large plant near it, added…

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