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Planning the First Outdoor Projects

We received the April issue of This Old House recently. It was a little depressing to read about all the outdoor projects and ideas when we still had a foot of snow on the ground, even with a couple of warmish days of snow melt (which was promptly followed by a snowstorm that dropped another…

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Dog Days of Summer

We’ve been lying low lately and not working on many projects, per se. Pete finally hooked up the rain barrels, now that it’s almost the end of summer. We had been holding off on those because we were going to build something to elevate the barrels so the water would have better flow. We aren’t…

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Barrels o’ Rain

When we planted our arborvitae recently, we discovered that the PO had the downspout from the house attached to plastic tubing which is buried under the grass and empties out to the alley. Tsk, tsk. That’s going to change. Thanks to a post I read a while back at Our Tiny Oak Park Bungalow, I…

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