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Redi to Go

I’m working on a couple of deadlines, so just a short post. The Redi-Shades are history! The last of the paper shades, in our TV/family room, have come down. It’s the first step in getting this room in shape, finally, which makes me very happy because we spend a lot of time in this room.…

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Summer Growth

Well, I wish I could say that we’ve been away on a fabulous vacation, but alas, no such luck. I’ve just been too busy with work to post anything. That, and we haven’t done all that much around the bungalow. I do have some new things to report, however, so I’ll get to those as…

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Weekend Progress

Pete and I were fairly productive this weekend, thankfully, because there are a number of things I’d like to accomplish before Thanksgiving. As planned, I started to prime the basement storm windows. What wasn’t planned was that some of them had cracks and gouges that needed to be filled first. That became a job for…

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Pool Shark

Guess who loves to “swim around” on the pool table? I knew he would. We’re enjoying it ourselves a great deal (even though I suck!) now that we finally have the basement somewhat clear of boxes. There are only about 6 or so left to unpack. We let the cats down here a couple weeks…

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