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One Step Closer

The bathroom remodel was on hold for a few weeks until we could get the bathtub refinished. That finally happened Monday! In addition to the chips in the tub revealing the original teal color, once we had installed the subway tile, I was surprised at how yellow the tub looked (the previous blue-and-yellow color scheme…

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Slated for Completion

The stone place I called last week about cutting the pool table slate finally called me back. I thought they were going to blow me off and not call back at all, but the guy who called was super nice. He didn’t recommend using slate, however, because he said it stains easily, it’s fairly soft as…

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The Bathroom Punch List

We’re in the home stretch on our beautiful new bathroom. Over the weekend we decided to try cutting the slate from the pool table for the bathroom window ledge since those were going to be straight cuts. First Pete used a rotary saw with a diamond blade to do a rough cut. Since it was…

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Dismantling the Pool Table

One of the things the PO left behind was the pool table in the basement (I think every homeowner tries to leave behind their pool table rather than moving it!). We used it from time-to-time in the early years, but it became a rarity after a couple years. Practically the only time it has been…

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Pool Shark

Guess who loves to “swim around” on the pool table? I knew he would. We’re enjoying it ourselves a great deal (even though I suck!) now that we finally have the basement somewhat clear of boxes. There are only about 6 or so left to unpack. We let the cats down here a couple weeks…

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Pool, Anyone?

Our pool table is one of the few things the PO left behind. He had it refelted when he moved it here and he bought it through a classified ad in the newspaper. It supposedly cost a lot of money to have it moved —— he claimed $600 —— and when he told the seller…

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