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Days 3-4: Where I Start to Fall Behind

Last Friday was Day 3 of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, designed to get your house in shape. The assignment, which we had all weekend to accomplish, was to: Buy Flowers Vacuum the Rugs and Mop/Dry Mop the Floors Stock Up on Good Green Cleaners Use Your Outbox as You Go The only thing I “accomplished”…

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Day 2: Create an Outbox

Day Two of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure is pretty easy, for me at least. The assignment is to create an Outbox by designating a spot in the house where items will be placed — potentially to donate, toss or recycle — and then to place one item in it. For people who have trouble getting…

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Day One: Make a List of Projects

Today was the first day of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure to get your house in shape over the next 30 days. I call Organizing one of my favorite “hobbies” (only half-jokingly) but I also sometimes need a little push to get going, so this was a welcome challenge at the start of a new year.…

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