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Mystery on the Border

Last week I stopped by the Village Hall to fill out a Freedom of Information Act form requesting any information about the purchase, sale, and construction of our bungalow. Yesterday I received a letter saying that they do have that information on microfiche and that I can make arrangements to view it and make copies.…

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The PO Visit

Yesterday we had the PO and his wife over for lunch along with a neighbor couple from across the street. We first really got to know this neighbor at the PO’s wedding a couple years ago and they’re a lot of fun. The PO always managed to get the husband, who is retired and old…

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Is it Houseburn?

Remember when you were a sun-worshipper in your (foolish) younger days and you’d lie out in the sun way too long, slathered with baby oil, lemon juice in your hair trying so hard to be as blond as you were at age five? No? Oh wait, I guess that was me. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ve…

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From Speakeasies to Stripp Joynts

Back in the roaring ’20s and early ’30s, Morton Grove was notorious for its roadhouses and speakeasies. It’s reputed that one of the bungalows on our block was a speakeasy. I’ve tried to find out the history on our house, but the only information I have so far is that a Leo Milke lived here…

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