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Drinks on the Patio, SOON!

I can hardly believe it, but for all intents and purposes, we are finished with our patio with plenty of time to spare before our Memorial Day deadline! Over the weekend we still had plenty left to do. The first day was spent leveling every single stone. First we tried to mark the pitch with…

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Dry Fit

We have all of the major pieces of flagstone in place, and we just barely had enough stone. We still have a number of smaller pieces (shown strewn about on top of the big pieces) which we’ll have to chisel down to fit into the smaller holes, but for the most part I think we…

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Patio Puzzle

As our patio project progresses, we’ve reached the part where we’re exercising both our bodies and our minds. Not only are these flagstones heavy as sin, we also have to spend considerable time figuring out how they will best fit together. Sometimes that means moving a piece in to find that it just won’t work,…

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Mr. Wonderful

While I toiled away inside (yes, I really had work to do), here’s what my wonderful husband was doing: In the rain. And the cold. Then it started sleeting and snowing. He kept at it. What a trooper. I’m making him a big batch of soup. We bought landscape edging for the garden paths and…

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Can You Dig It?

Yesterday we ordered 5 cubic yards of Grade 8 Limestone for the paths and patio foundation. According to calculations it will fill the patio and about half of the paths. The delivery truck can only handle 5 yards at a time because of the weight of the stone, but we planned to order a portion…

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We spent the day Monday preparing the yard for our future patio and garden. We’re beat. We rented a sod cutter from Home Depot, which was invaluable for this project. We also enlisted help from my stepbrother, who had used one of these before. It was easy to figure out and use anyway, but the…

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