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Who Could Hate a Butterfly?

What do you think of when you hear the word “butterfly”? You probably think, “Pretty! A beneficial and useful creature!” All true. But in the kitchen, butterfly sinks are the scourge of the earth. Trust me, I know. What’s a butterfly sink, you ask? It’s two squarish bowls at right angles to each other (hence…

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The Aftermath

I’ve had my coffee. I can’t put it off any longer. Time to attack the kitchen. For Round Two. Ugh. Love the cooking part. Hate the cleanup. While this task usually falls on my wonderful husband, who does it without complaining (he does get a fabulous meal out of the deal, after all), he has…

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Rainy Day = Time for the Garage

Fortunately our basement remained dry throughout the heavy rainfall in the Chicago area last weekend. We noticed our neighbor drying out a few things from her basement, but our street is in a relatively high part of town, so I think most people had only minor damage, if anything. We haven’t seen the people who…

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Past my Prime(r)

Just a short post today since I need to catch up on the work I should have done last week. Instead, I primed, I painted, I cleaned, I painted some more, I cleaned some more, and I will have to clean again. Pete joined in on Sunday and helped paint a little, but he quickly…

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It’s Ours!

After two years of talking, waiting, wishing, giving up, renewing hope, looking elsewhere, reconsidering, contemplating, negotiating, and finally signing the papers, the bungalow became ours as of yesterday at around noon! Everything went smoothly, and the PO (I get to call him the Previous Owner now and not The Neighbor —— woo hoo!) seemed to…

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