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Finishing the Bookcases

I fully intended to keep up with the blog this year but obviously that hasn’t happened. I even missed our 9th “House-iversary” in June— sigh. Now that summer is almost over, I’ll really try and catch up. I’d also like to change the site design from this generic one, since that’s (part of) what I…

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Bookcase Progress

It seems like our progress on the fireplace remodel has been super slow, but considering I had to stain about 50 feet of birch plywood, I guess we’re not doing too badly. We’ve had to hold off on the tiling the mantel section until we install at least the bottom bookcase sections. We added the…

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Craigslist Love

Continuing with my year-end recap, over the summer I got the “urge to purge”. Yes, I had just hauled my grandfather’s antique carpenter’s workbench home, and trying to figure out where I can put it may have partially triggered that. I began to look around the house and garage and question if I really needed…

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Storm Windows, Bookcases and Other Miscellany

Ugh, where does the time go? I haven’t been super busy, yet I haven’t managed to find time to post. Time to remedy that! Lots of little things, and one somewhat big thing, are happening around the house. In no particular order, here’s the latest: I’ve been getting quotes to replace the gutters, soffit and…

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Dining Room Tour

Let’s see, according to the archives, it’s been exactly one year since we had our living room and dining room plaster walls patched and skim-coated. How time flies. I guess I should really show you the finished product —— this is a house blog, after all. We’ll start with the dining room. This is the…

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