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Look What We Did: Patio and Yard

As part of the Houseblogs.net “Look What I Did” Sweepstakes, it’s a perfect time to show the Before-and-After of our flagstone patio and the progress we’ve made on our yard to date. (I’m also happy for the chance to win some cold hard cash/plastic from our sponsor, True Value!) When we moved into our bungalow,…

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Arbs and Dogs

Here are the photos I promised yesterday. First, to refresh your memory, the before picture: Same view from our family room, after: Another view from ground level: We spaced the Arborvitae (again, the “arbs” as they were called at the nursery) 30″ apart. They will eventually form a privacy hedge and will grow 8-10 feet.…

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In case you haven’t noticed, I started a new, permanent Before-and-After section on the site to provide a synopsis of some of our major projects. It’s accessible via the Tabs at the top. The first two projects highlighted are the Basement and the Windows. My definition of “after” may be a little loose. In some…

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Lookin’ Good!

Yesterday was Day 2 for floor refinishing at the bungalow. The floor guys arrived on Wednesday around noon as promised and sanded the living room, dining room and parts of the bedrooms. They also replaced a few boards that were (yep, you guessed it!) soaked with cat pee. Luckily there were only a few bad…

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Let the Demolition Begin

We broke the news last week to D about the mold needing to be removed in the bathroom before our loan could be approved. He was not pleased but we quickly offered up our plan to demo the bathroom now. Turns out D is on vacation for 2 weeks anyway, so we would have easy…

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