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Professional Window Treatments

To continue with our story from yesterday, we decided to steer away from the Renter’s School of Window Treatments (cheap blinds) and enlist the help of the professional window treatment designers at Roberts Drapery Center in Mt. Prospect for our living room and dining room windows. Let me point out that, although I was introduced…

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Something we never noticed until now was the reflection on the wall from the art glass windows. Would the textured walls have disguised them? Perhaps. There are actually two reflections in this shot; you might be able to make out the faint reflection in the upper right hand corner above the main one. It seems…

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Clean Slate

Remember our eyesore of a kitchen? Half-painted screaming yellow walls? Wagon-wheel cabinet trim/plate rail that served no purpose, decorative or otherwise? Blue-and-yellow bathroom tile for the backsplash? Exposed wiring in the ceiling? Ah yes, it was quite the site to behold! Not knowing when we will renovate the kitchen, I had to make the kitchen…

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Pool Shark

Guess who loves to “swim around” on the pool table? I knew he would. We’re enjoying it ourselves a great deal (even though I suck!) now that we finally have the basement somewhat clear of boxes. There are only about 6 or so left to unpack. We let the cats down here a couple weeks…

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