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Surprise, Come Pick Up Your Workbench!

Back in July, my mom texts me and tells me her brother (my uncle) is putting his house on the market and he wanted to know if I still wanted my grandfather’s carpenter’s workbench. Whaaaa?! I have fond memories of that workbench. It practically filled the basement in my grandparent’s house in Toledo, OH and…

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Time for Clocks

If we have any sort of collection, I would have to say we have a clock collection. I’ve always loved clocks, even before I married my third-generation jeweler/watchmaker husband. Jewelry, I could care less about (and he’s very thankful for that!) — but give me an antique clock any day. When I was a little…

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Antiquing in Southwest Michigan

Finally, a shot of the antique dining table we purchased in Michigan last month. I’ll take more and show you how it looks with all the leaves in place once I clean up. It looks better in the house than it did in the store, so we’re really happy with it! And the chairs we…

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Dining Room Update

Barely a week has gone by since I was pondering dining room table ideas. I said something about wanting to find “the perfect antique dining table”. Well, I must have put the Antique Dining Table Vibe out there, because not three days later we found it at an antique store in Michigan which specializes in…

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Basement Inspirations

Thanksgiving is over and we had a great time with family and friends. The turkey was perfect and the other dishes were also pretty tasty (and with the help of a new tablecloth, completely free of cat hair!). To get ready for Thanksgiving, Pete and I wanted to have the basement fixed up as much…

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Selling our Previous Home, Final Chapter

With the minor renovation complete and our house listed as a 3-bedroom, we could only hope for the best. Since we had to move furniture out anyway, we took this opportunity to pare down even more than we already had. Out went all the bookcases, the living room sofa (which was very difficult to move…

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