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It’s the Little Things

I wish I had taken the time long ago just to do some of those little things that you look at every day and think you should do something about “one day”.

In the kitchen of our current house we have cabinets that used to house a double oven (way before my time). Pete converted that into a spot for a built-in Amana Radarange —— the first microwave (also before my time). microwaveWhen that thing died, it left an open shelf which was just unfinished wood. Of course modern microwaves don’’t take up the space that the Radarange did, so you could see the wood surrounding it. But did we do anything about it? No! Not until we were ready to sell the place. It took me less than an hour to paint the wood white to match the cabinets and put down leftover vinyl tiles on the base of the shelf. It’s not the perfect solution, but it looks so much better than before!

We used to have another microwave that fit the space better, but “someone” fried it while monkeying with the electricity. At least this new one matches all the other white appliances (and nothing else got fried, including that certain “someone”)!!

We also hired a home inspector back in January to uncover any potential problems with the current house and fix them or be prepared to deal with them when it came down to selling. He pointed out a lot of nit-picky things that I would have never thought about, ranging from electrical/safety issues, such as installing GFCI outlets within 6 feet of a water source (which led to our little microwave incident) to vacuuming out the kitchen cabinets (there’’s one near the stove that I didn’’t use much). We crossed a LOT of those things off the list.

It really feels good to get those little things done. So I’d suggest that you make a list of all those little things and when the next rainy weekend comes along, just do it. You’ll feel so much better, and you won’t have to think about them any more!

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  1. sandy on June 20, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    I totally agree! You always see those shows like “Sell this House” – and the owners put in so much work to sell it, and then are annoyed with themselves for not doing it sooner so that they could enjoy it. I went through that somewhat with selling our house earlier this year, but I’m really trying to keep that in mind – doing things to make living in the house more pleasant, and not waiting to be motivated by strangers coming to look at it!

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