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Antiquing Fun is Relative

Last weekend my mom and I drove downstate to my late father’s hometown to see my aunt (his sister) and meet up with my cousin and other aunt (my dad’s brother’s wife) who were driving in from Ohio.

My cousin Beth and I are only 4 months apart, and after going our separate ways for a number of years we’ve been meeting up more and more recently and have a blast together.

We’re both very nostalgic about our dads’ hometown, especially now that our aunt is the last connection there and both our dads are gone. While she’s still very spry, healthy and active, she is almost 90! She and my uncle owned a farm about 10 miles from town but she now lives “in town” in a small ranch house they built on my grandparents’ land. Their old farmhouse, built by my great-grandparents,  had to be torn down in the ’80s. I still miss that house.

Beth and I both grew up in the Chicago suburbs but we cherish our memories of visits to the farm: driving the tractors, climbing bales of hay, feeding the cows, picking strawberries, playing with the dogs and cats, and also seeing first-hand how a farm operates. I’m definitely more of a city girl, but I’m grateful to have experienced country life at least a few weeks or more every year growing up.

When we meet up we always drive out to the farm to reminisce a bit and then we hit the antique stores. Unfortunately this year was a short trip so we only had a couple hours to shop (plus, our mothers were getting annoyed that we were out having fun!).

I told Beth that I was on the lookout for a vintage light fixture for the dining room (if you recall I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the light fixture I bought to replace the chandelier because of its small size), and not 20 minutes later she pointed one out that I overlooked!

I knew from my research that it was the right vintage, and it was a 5-light cup chandelier with all shades intact instead of the small 3-light fixture I bought locally. It needs to be rewired, but it was perfect and cheap: SOLD!


This is Oliver checking it out, who incidentally is a likely littermate of dearly departed Henry and Ella. He and Trixie, my aunt’s other cat, were rescued as kittens from the farm several weeks before I brought Henry and Ella home and thankfully did not contract Feline Leukemia like mine did.

I’ll get better shots later on, but once I got home I did more research and found photos of an almost identical one in its original polychrome finish here. I can’t wait to restore it to look like that! When I’ll find the time is another issue, but I think I’ll make it a fall project and try to finish it before Thanksgiving this year.



  1. Chris Cole on July 31, 2015 at 11:10 am

    Great find!. This will fit the room and your decor. How difficult will it be to create the polychromatic finish?

    • denise on August 3, 2015 at 9:56 am

      Thanks Chris, and good question! I have a bunch of brushes and faux finishing tools so I think I’ll be able to copy the look based on the reference photos. I’m not sure yet whether to use oils, acrylics or what, but I’ll probably do a base coat using Rustoleum or Krylon first and go from there.

  2. Traci on August 3, 2015 at 7:50 am

    Awesome find!

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