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The Bathroom Punch List

We’re in the home stretch on our beautiful new bathroom.

Over the weekend we decided to try cutting the slate from the pool table for the bathroom window ledge since those were going to be straight cuts. First Pete used a rotary saw with a diamond blade to do a rough cut.


Since it was a more manageable piece after that, we used our wet tile saw to cut it to size.


We had to shim it a bit to get it level, and Pete wants to patch the drywall gap below it before we caulk it all, but it is going to look fantastic!


For the bathroom door we had JUST enough leftover flat trim pieces from our attic remodel. For some reason we have waaaayyyyy more of the trim cap pieces than we need though. Maybe I’ll find a new use for those like I did with our extra baseboard cap pieces.


We need to rip a skinny piece to go on the left of the door to finish it, so that’s another little thing to do.


Initially I painted the entire room in the same color, Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, but it was just too stark, even for Pete. So I bought a quart that was the darkest on that same swatch, Desert Twilight to paint an accent wall. It’s a nice gray green and goes well with the slate and the inset tiles of the floor.


The photo is one I took during a college photography course and is from the machine shed on my relative’s farm in southern Illinois. It’s one of my favorite photos.


I just scheduled the tub refinishing for next week. I’m not happy with the caulk job I did around the tub, so thankfully they will be redoing that.


There are a few spots that I need to repaint on the walls because Pete wasn’t happy with a few areas, like above the window, so he did some more mudding and sanding.


We also have to do the tile baseboard, aka skirting. I mitered several pieces for the corners, so we should be ready to go with that. The tops of the tiles are not glazed, however, because they’re meant to have tile installed above them. The Tile Shop said the edges could be painted, so luckily the door paint I bought matches the tiles well. I’ll paint those before we install them this weekend.

Finally, there’s the tub ledge. Apparently stone places do not like to cut stone that they don’t supply but I have a call in to one place and there’s another place I can try if the first one says no. If those don’t pan out we may have to go with straight cuts and do it ourselves. Fingers crossed!


All in all, I’m really excited to get this done and am looking forward to working in the garden and then enjoying a nice soak in the tub!


  1. Jan on May 8, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Love the color choice.

    Now that you have the glass block window finished off with the slate it looks great. Does that window face south because it looks like you get plenty of light. Perfect ledge for a plant.

    Can’t wait to see the tub surround finished. Very cool with the exposed brick.

    • denise on May 12, 2015 at 10:11 am

      Thanks Jan! The window actually faces north, so I guess it does get pretty good light in spite of that. And great idea re: plant ledge! I’ll just have to find something the cats won’t destroy (they seem to enjoy doing that).

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