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More Bathroom Progress

I’m sure everyone has been anxious to see how far we’ve progressed on the Great Bathroom Project of 2015!

We have definitely made good progress, but of course not as far as I hoped. The framing took much longer than I expected but it will be well worth the delay. We had to add framing in some unexpected spots and we’re not even sure how the walls were secured in some of the corners.

When I uncovered the original tile floor, I also discovered that there were a couple of areas where the floor ended sooner than expected. I’ll have to assume the walls were recessed slightly in the 1990s remodel because the newer tile covered some filled-in concrete areas like below.


The original tile definitely was laid this way because I doubt such a clean cut would have been doable in  a remodel (and there’s really no reason why it would have been done). So, I had to decide how to handle or camouflage it. After some thought, I decided to bump out the wall a little bit with 2×4 framing.

In the photo below, 2x4s, along with 1/2″ sheetrock and baseboard tiles,  would bump the wall out enough to meet this edge. This spot is to the right of the tub and behind the bathroom door, so we’re really not losing any space.


There is a similar spot to the left of the tub as you see below, and we did essentially the same thing over there.


However because we’re leaving the chimney exposed, we’re not making this a full wall bump-out but instead part of a ledge/shelf that will be tub-level made with the pool table slate we salvaged.


In addition to the  shelf, the pool slate is going to be part of a tub surround that will widen the long edge of the tub and also cover the gap between the tub and chimney. It might be hard to envision from these photos but I’m sure it’ll become clearer as we go along.


Below is the basic framing, before the additional bump-out was added to mask the missing flooring.


And here it is with the green board covering the tub skirt/apron and the bump-out (still need to add the little strip to cover the rest of the 2×4).


We were able to cut and install part of the long wall where the sink and toilet go. I was not looking forward to cutting out all the holes for the water supply and electrical, but it turned out okay. We want to replace the shut-off valves as one was dripping a little bit, so might as well do all of them while we’re at it.


Hoping to work on it more in the evenings to at least finish piecing the walls together and be ready for mudding by the weekend. It’s crunch time!

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