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Original Bathroom Remnants

During the bathroom cleanup we vacuumed up lots of debris that had remained in the tub cavity from the PO’s 1990s remodel. Much of it was chunks of old plaster. I was thankful that at least the old plaster walls had been completely demolished in the bathroom instead of installing sheetrock over it like they did in the kitchen because that would have put another wrench in our project.

I found a few pieces of original tile that had fallen behind the tub wall which I found interesting.


Considering the tub is originally a teal green and the mini tiles in the basketweave flooring are a dark gray-green, I’m not sure how a wall of this warm beige/yellow tile would look.

Definitely heavy-duty, thick tile though! They don’t make them like this anymore, at least not in my price range.

Speaking of the tub, I scheduled someone who had pretty good reviews on Yelp  to come out and refinish it, but then I had to cancel (with several days’  notice) because of work. I left a message to reschedule and they never called me back. WTH? So I called someone else, this time through Angie’s List, but it’ll be a few weeks before that’s done. Hopefully that will go as scheduled.

I also ordered our semi-frameless shower door which we can pick up locally from a warehouse.

We still haven’t finished cutting the slate for the rest of the tub deck, but we can’t install it until the tub is refinished anyway.

I hate things that are left hanging and hinge upon each other. We have family coming in July so I just hope it all comes together by then. For now I guess we’ll just have to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. Be safe out there!

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