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The Weekend Project(s)

While I’d much rather be demo-ing a bathroom, there’s still lots of snow on the ground and nowhere to put a Bagster (c’mon Spring!). In addition, this past weekend was frigid cold, and I don’t want to be hauling broken tile outside so might as well get some other little indoor projects done.

One thing was to move the laundry room shelving to another wall. I’m not sure what my rationale was at the time, but I had the shelves on the door wall, so they were parallel to/opposite from the washer/dryer. I decided it would look better and feel roomier if they were perpendicular to them. While it means a few holes to patch and paint, I think it looks and works much better here.


Next, I finished varnishing the shelves for the linen closet and put that back together. The walls still need painting but we have to repair a crumbling plaster wall first which we’ll address when we demo the bathroom.


Finally, in addition to adding a coat of Butcher’s Wax to protect the wood, we worked on adding a stemware rack to my grandfather’s antique workbench which we use as a dining room sideboard.


Using leftover trim from our attic remodel, I thought we could use some parts to make our rack. This is the cap to the baseboard.


Taking two pieces and putting them together like you see below would create the rails that the wine stems hang from. Pete took a small square piece of wood and glued it to the notch you see there so we’d be able to thread a screw through it to secure to the workbench top.


The pegs of the workbench were the right distance apart to center each rail behind them.


Et voilá!



Now I’m debating about building a little wine storage rack to fill the space below the stemware. Anybody have any cool/unique DIY wine rack solutions?

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