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Happy Pet Adoption Day!

Hard to believe that it’s already one year ago this weekend when we brought these adorable two girls, Romy and Lena, home from the shelter.


They were both about six months old at the time (but are not litter mates). It didn’t take long for them to discover the heated bathroom floor, where we often find them.


While they often hang out together and get along pretty well, they also fight over the coveted spot on my lap or chase each other back and forth over the length of the second floor.


Lena (tabby with white) was a feral stray and took some time to adjust and trust us. It took her two days just to venture out of the cat carrier. Today she’s our bossy little devil child. She is obsessed with chasing cast shadows or spots of light that reflect off eyeglasses or watch crystals and her latest trick is closing or opening doors (if they’re not completely latched). She’s a smart little girl.

Romy (gray) is an extremely friendly and loving baby. She still tries to suckle my ear lobe every now and then and constantly asks questions with a “Mmmmm?” whenever you talk to her or she comes to see you. While she can be a little needy at times, she’s also more than likely the one to find a quiet spot in the house to be alone.


We couldn’t be happier with our fuzzy little friends!

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