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Now that the Pool Table is Gone

Besides the fact that it took up so much space and we rarely used it, the main reason I wanted to get rid of the pool table in the basement was to set up a home gym.

I gave up my gym membership last summer. Even though I loved the place and the people who work there, the monthly fee was getting out of hand. As time went on I didn’t really use the pools, sauna, whirlpools and other amenities, so it didn’t make sense to pay to use similar equipment that I either already owned or could essentially buy on my own and save a bunch of money in the long run.


Even though it’s not as fancy as the gym version, we already had a treadmill and have had it for years, so that’s a major expense out of the way. We have a Nordic Track too, which Pete uses from time-to-time but I never really cared for all that much. Maybe I’ll give it another shot as an elliptical replacement. Pete used to have a set of barbells but we gave those to one of the nephews since we already had a set of PowerBlock adjustable weights.

So to complete the gym setup, Pete got a bike trainer for Christmas to turn his regular bike into an indoor bike, and I asked for and received various other things for Christmas such as a kettle bell, set of resistance bands, stability ball and BOSU ball. I used those things all the time at the gym for strength training rather than the weight machines.



With a gift certificate, we bought a few sets of interlocking foam floor tiles and decided to finally replace our one remaining tube TV (which went to the recycling center) with a 24″ LED. It was super cheap!

On Sunday we mounted the TV to one of the columns with a full-motion TV mount so we can turn it toward either the gym area or the sofa. I need to find or make a small shelf for the Wii, and I’ll use my laptop to play exercise DVDs on the TV.

With all that variety, we have absolutely NO EXCUSES not to exercise, right?!

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