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It’s Goal-Setting Time for 2015!

Happy New Year! I’m really looking forward to accomplishing some goals in 2015 that have been on my wish list since Day One.

Yep, that’s right: come hell or high water, THIS is the year for the bathroom and fireplace! (I just noticed it’s been on my annual Goal list every year since 2012. It’s time!)

1. The Main Floor Bathroom
I’m itching to start chipping away at the floor tile to see if the original flooring beneath can be saved. I have no idea if it’s even possible (some sites I ran across said ‘no’) but I’m encouraged by this post on Apartment Therapy. It’s a small room, so if I take it slow and steady, with a little luck and perseverance maybe I’ll be successful. Even if the tile underneath is unsalvageable, I have to remove the top layer of tile anyway so it won’t be a complete waste of time. If I remember right the PO said there was a crack in the floor. We’ll just have to wait and see how it looks, but how cool would that be to restore the original tile?!

2. The Fireplace
I’ve put a lot of thought into how I want to remodel this beast. Because it dominates the room I can’t help but brainstorm ideas as I stare at it. One thing that has never changed is to get rid of the un-bungalow-like stone veneer. The surround is framed with 2x4s and the stone is cemented to Durock panels which are secured to the framing. It’ll be messy but will probably only take a half-day or less to demo.

I still plan to add built-in bookshelves where the wall recesses about 12 inches to the right of the firebox and near the windows (especially now that I’ve sold my bookcases). We’ll have to see if my latest plan will work once the stone is removed. Pete is worried about the condition of the wood floor, especially beneath the hearth area since that will be exposed, but IMO it will look better even if the floor needs patching or refinishing.

3. Install glass in laundry room door panels and paint door
This will probably be the first project to finish. It’s almost ready to paint and our trim carpenter already fitted the door when he did the upstairs trim so it’s ready to hang.

4. Repaint Master Bathroom
This hasn’t been a high priority but I still want to paint it a more neutral gray, Benjamin Moore’s Thunder (AF-685). I used that color on the kitchen ceiling so I already have the paint. Just need to find a free day when I’m in the painting mood!

5. Refinish woodwork in remaining first-floor closets
As I mentioned before, this is started but not finished. The guest room closet is done, except for the shelf which I’m going to strip with the Silent Paint Remover (infrared paint remover). I still need to do the baseboard in the breakfast room closet (technically the 3rd bedroom off the kitchen) and the linen closet. The shelves in the linen closet are peeling badly so I need to do those as well. Another good weekend project and one that can be stopped/started without really affecting everyday living.

6. Repair plaster walls and paint central hallway
This is probably a good job to coincide with the bathroom remodel since they’re adjoining and the bathroom demo may affect the hallway wall. I started this job in, oh, MARCH 2010! Another project whose time has come!

Wish List, Continued
I think that’s plenty for goals, but just in case we’re especially ambitious, here are a couple more to add:

  • Expansion of the porch (which I eventually want to enclose to make a mudroom) into a small deck which leads to the garage and gravel patio
  • Reshingle the garage roof to match the house
  • Wood storm door for front door

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