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2014 Recap: The Rest of the Garden

The rest of our garden, extending from the flagstone patio toward the front of the house, did very well last summer. Every spring I think that I should have planted bulbs the previous fall to fill in bare spots as the perennials wake up, but I never do it. I guess there’s always next year.


Same view, after a few more weeks of growth.



Looking from the street. The village trimmed the Norway Maple that sits in our parkway so the branches won’t be hanging as low next year. I managed to catch them at the time and asked them to trim it as much as possible because its leaves are so dense and don’t let much light through (hence our crappy lawn), and they did. I’m looking forward to seeing how it (and our lawn) looks next summer.


The Blackhaw Viburnum we planted early on (toward the right) is getting huge! It looks great in spring covered in white flowers. The White Pine is also getting bigger each year. It’s supposed to be a more columnar and upright variety, and it seems to be living up to that.


Leading into the side yard, we had to replace 3 Annabelle Hydrangeas that died next to the house, and the new ones did very well. I moved a couple things around here and added a few others.



The area below gets pretty dense even though I like the mix of butterfly weed and sand coreopsis. I think I’ll need to rearrange that a bit more next year.


The section directly in front of the patio has a nice mix of foliage and different heights and I’m very pleased with that combination.

We now have several different varieties of hydrangea.

2014123109This one might be called “Twist ‘n’ Shout” but don’t quote me on that.

Regardless, the blooms are gorgeous and last pretty much throughout the summer.


We moved another one closer to the patio that wasn’t doing well in another spot, and although it didn’t grow much it seems to like the new spot better. We also added a couple ‘Miss Kim’ lilac bushes in between the two hydrangeas. That variety won’t reach the 10-12′ height that many other lilacs do. They should be close enough to the patio to catch a whiff of their heady fragrance with a breeze in the right direction. Mmmmm, reminds me of my childhood!

2014123110I love the gray-headed coneflowers near our 6- or 7-year-old oak tree (that is almost taller than the house) but that area in general gets pretty unruly so I’m going to make some changes there next year.

That’s the overview of our outdoor spaces. It already makes me anxious for spring to arrive on this very frigid New Year’s Eve! Have a safe and happy New Year!

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