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My Husband, the Rock Star

This is one of the many reasons why I love my husband:

Many times, all it takes is for me to say, “What if we…[insert idea that usually involves manual labor for him here]?”, and he usually goes with it.

This time it was creating a space for the bird feeder. We haven’t had our bird feeder up since we moved last year and were debating about whether or not to put it up at all. Finally, we decided to go ahead with it once we figured out a good spot: for the birds to be safe from predators, like others’ cats (ours aren’t allowed outside without leashes and close supervision); far enough away from the squirrels’ reach; and within close viewing distance for us.

So when we decided to incorporate it into the path near the patio, he dug right in, literally. In the 90° heat. He is usually doggedly determined when it comes to chores. Me, not so much: the slightest heat headache sends me indoors, however I tried hard to do my part and spent many hours moving leaf compost while he was at work Saturday. But overall he usually has more stamina than I for these things.

At first, we were just going to use the limestone gravel and screening for the bird feeder area, same as the path. That’s when I came up with the “What if we use the leftover flagstone?” idea. (“Rock” Star — get it? tee hee.) He jumped right in and figured out the layout. Amazingly, all of the remaining flagstone fit in there perfectly. I love it when a project comes together so nicely!

He also built an area for the fire pit/pagoda next to the patio.

We hadn’t intended to tear up this section of the garden at this point, but we ended up with way more leaf compost than we needed in the other section (so much for cubic yard calculators!). Since the compost is sitting on the parkway in the front yard, we’re kind of forced into doing this part as well.

It’s just as well that we get rid of more weeds and crabgrass sooner rather than later, but it might be iffy to plant seed at this time of year. We’re going to try it anyway. More on that, along with better photos, later.


  1. Emily on August 5, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  2. denise on August 6, 2008 at 9:09 am

    Emily: thanks. I’m going to try to get those up soon!

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