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A Quick 2014 Project: Garage Door

I really hoped we’d be able to re-roof the garage this year to cover that hideous “pinkish-red” and match our house roof, but after pricing shingles it was way out of our budget this year. I really wish I had our contractor do it when they did the upstairs remodel. Grrr!

The garage door, however, I could deal with. I think the molding around the window panes used to be white but you can see they yellowed quite a bit. There was also some glue or some sort of goop that was oozing out and discoloring the door. I cleaned that all out and scraped up the goop.2014122603

Since I already had exterior paint from painting the front storm windows, I decided to paint it the same color. I don’t really like how it looks with the ugly shingles, but I like it better than before.2014122601

The shot below is before I cleaned up the window panes. At least this color draws some attention away from that roof!


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  1. Mark on August 4, 2015 at 6:13 am

    Hey Denise, hey Pete, that’s a really nice color – and makes a great contrast to the walls and (well yes, not that beautiful) roof 🙂 Good job guys, keep up your good work!

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