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Craigslist Love

Continuing with my year-end recap, over the summer I got the “urge to purge”.

Yes, I had just hauled my grandfather’s antique carpenter’s workbench home, and trying to figure out where I can put it may have partially triggered that. I began to look around the house and garage and question if I really needed to keep certain things. It was time to push past sentimentality and embrace practicality. Did I really need to keep the Schwinn Varsity bike that I never ever rode just because it was my first major purchase, bought with my hard-earned babysitting money? In reality it was just taking up space in the garage, so it went on the To Sell list.

As I mentioned in the last post, I decided that the workbench was too beautiful to stash in the basement and thought it would make a perfect sideboard in the dining room, which meant the wall of bookcases had to go. I had begun to feel that I needed to start getting rid of books that I never looked at anyway. Was I ever going to read the novels, plays or literature which were auf Deutsch from my year abroad in Austria? Sadly, nein.

I’m certainly not getting rid of all my books, but I packed them all into boxes and plan to sift through and sell what I can on Amazon or Ebay (some are old and desirable). The ones I want to keep will go on the future built-in bookcase I’m planning for the fireplace remodel (yes, I have yet ANOTHER plan for that eyesore).

2014122801The now-empty bookcases were the first things I put on Craigslist.

I got a few offers, but one guy didn’t want the corner unit and it would’ve been impossible to sell that piece by itself, and another person lowballed it. I was a little disappointed in the responses and decided to pull the ad and re-list it later. Maybe the perfect buyer wasn’t looking at the time but would be in a few weeks.

Sure enough, the next time I listed it I got much more interest with at least two serious buyers. The woman who bought them arrived with a U-Haul one evening with her husband and said she was completely redecorating her home with Craigslist buys. She also told me that she emailed me several times when I first listed them and suggested that I check my spam. Lo and behold, there they were with a bunch of other interested parties! Why those few came through while all the others didn’t is perplexing but I applauded her perseverance. From then on, I constantly checked spam for Craigslist responses.

We had already moved the bookcases into the living room and foyer to make room for the workbench. The bookcases were heavy suckers and it took all four of us to maneuver them out the front door. They were great bookcases but I was actually very happy to see them go — it was time.

When Pete and I initially moved the workbench inside, I wasn’t sure if I liked how it looked. Its depth was a little bigger than I hoped. I was momentarily discouraged, but once I added some plants and other things for balance it all came together! I haven’t even taken photos of it yet and we made a couple changes to it (nothing major) so it deserves its own post. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime more Craigslist adventures…

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