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Been Silent, but still Working on it

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, etc. etc. to anyone who might still be reading this blog and everyone else who isn’t!

I started this blog almost 8 years ago, just before we moved into our bungalow. Seems like houseblogging goes by the wayside as the years drag on, unless you’re one of the lucky few who have made a career out of it. But then it seems like you also have to start having kids in order to keep interest going and gain new followers. That certainly isn’t gonna happen here, so if it’s just something that I can refer to or reread in the future along with the random interested reader (hey, that’s YOU! Hi!), then so be it.

A month or so ago I noticed there were some new comments but I didn’t get an email notification. If that was you, sorry! I’ve been a slacker in that department. No guarantees that it will change anytime soon I’m afraid.

But enough about that! It’s the time of year when I review what I wanted to accomplish vs. what we actually accomplished, so let’s get right to it.

Here’s the lowdown on the goals I had for 2014 (many of which were on the to-do list for 2013 too, I might add).

Install glass in laundry room door panels and paint door
Still not finished but getting there. I chose a paint color and we have the glass, but it turns out we had more paint stripping to do on the decorative panel trim. We worked on that a month or so ago, and I believe after some additional light sanding it’ll be ready for primer and paint.

Wash windows (they need it!)
Yep, they still need to be washed. I cleaned a few just before Thanksgiving, but not very well.

Re-install shoe moulding throughout main floor

Apply second coat of varnish to kitchen baseboard trim
Not done.

Install electronics shelf unit in TV room
We changed our mind about this. I saw a skinny, very cheap media unit at IKEA that would work for what we needed. The surge protector and all the cords are now visible, but I plan to add some of that radiator screening around the legs of the unit to hide it all and be done with it.

Repair or replace the gutters and add more/bigger downspouts
We (or I should say, Pete) repaired the gutters. He sealed all the seams and added another downspout near the dining room windows where the gutter overflowed frequently. It seems to have helped a great deal.

Repaint master bath (I wanted gray but the “gray” I originally chose has too much blue in it)
Not done.

Refinish woodwork in two remaining first-floor closets
Started, but not finished. The guest room closet is done, except for the shelf which I’m going to strip with the Silent Paint Remover (infrared paint remover). It works well on flat surfaces.

Repair plaster walls and paint closets, plus repair/paint central hallway
Guest room closet is painted, but the other closet and hallway still need to be done.

There are probably other things we did that weren’t on the list, but I have to see if I even took photos! Unfortunately, photo documentation tends to go by the wayside as well. There have been other new developments though, so I will try to get to those before the new year.

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