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Bi-Fold Doors, Stained, Varnished, Finished!

Now that we’re finally back to working on indoor projects, my highest priority was to finally finish the second floor trim, which required a second coat of varnish, and to finish staining and varnishing the utility closet bi-fold doors at the top of the stairs.

Every time I walked upstairs it was right in my face, taunting me. As long as those doors sat unfinished our entire attic renovation was going to appear to be unfinished, at least in my mind.


I was dreading having to stain all those louvers, but I finally set my mind to it. It was kind of a pain but all-in-all it really didn’t take that long to do. Next came the sanding sealer followed by a light sanding and then the final coat of varnish.

Voila, the finished product:


2013110904Adding the second coat to the rest of the woodwork took the better part of a day, so just as I expected it was about a weekend’s worth of work. The problem was just finding the right weekend to do it, and with the cold weather settling in my window of opportunity was dwindling.

It was almost exactly a year ago when our woodwork was installed, and I’m relieved that this project is finally complete!

Since we had to move all the furniture out of the way to do it, it also allowed me to do a thorough cleaning and find a place for all the crap that has been lying around. It feels great to walk into a neat, organized space.

So, now that that’s done we’ve been working on other smaller projects.

laundry room doorPete cleaned up his workspace in the basement and took down this laundry room door to finish working on it.

This 5-panel wood door used to be our old back basement door which we replaced with a more secure metal door that our contractor was getting rid of (and no, the panels weren’t missing when it was still our basement door!). Pete cut out the panels a while back when we stripped off the paint and he’s finishing up routing out one side of the panel trim.

Earlier this week we picked up some glass bead moulding, which is the wood trim that holds the glass in the panel, and we also stopped at Evanston Glass and Mirror to choose a glass pattern that will become the new panels for the door. Once installed I’ll be painting this door, but I’m not sure what color yet — I’m thinking something a little different but not too crazy, like a nice slate blue?

Hopefully that will be ready to paint soon, but for now we’re back to working on the cottage remodel (which I haven’t talked about much lately, I know). It’s been slow-going, and I really don’t want to get into the particulars because I find it too exhausting, but suffice to say we’ve got a bunch of things to do over the next few weeks (insulation and other little things) and then we’re FINALLY ready for the drywallers! If that gets done over the holidays it will be the best Christmas present EVER (well, maybe the best one in recent years…).

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