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The Working Holiday

I hope everyone had a nice 4th! Ours was uneventful but productive.

A month or two ago, in addition to mulch, leveling sand and flagstone, we bought bluestone pavers for the sidewalk alongside the garage. We weren’t in a hurry to install them, but I began to notice that every time the scrappers came down the alley looking for scrap metal to cash in on, they would eye the pavers that were sitting on a pallet near the alley.

Last Monday I happened to be leaving the garage when one drove by. He pointed to them and asked, “No good?” I said, “No, no, they’re good!” I promptly told Pete that we probably should get those in sooner rather than later. I really didn’t want to come home one day and find several hundred dollars worth of bluestone gone!

We already had most of the gravel base down, so it was “just” a matter of laying the stone and adding a brick border from the leftover brick pavers we had.


2013070501It took a good part of the day, but was definitely one of our easier hardscaping projects.


I think it looks pretty awesome!


And as if I’m not a glutton for punishment already, I shoveled up as much of the pea gravel in our fire pit/gravel patio area as I could and added the remaining compactable gravel to the base to build it up a little higher — it just seemed too low.


Another 10 or so wheelbarrow-fulls later and I still don’t think it’ll be quite enough, but they only sell the gravel in bulk and I’m not getting any more. I bought 10 bags of paver base to mix in with it, so hopefully it’ll suffice. Once we compact it down as much as we can with one of those manual compactors on a pole that you slam down (I wasn’t going to rent another vibratory compactor for this job), I get to shovel the pea gravel back on top of it. Ugh. But then I really think our major shoveling days will finally, FINALLY be over!

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