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Mother Nature, please be nice

ClematisIt’’s been a hectic week, but I really don’’t want to get into that right now. What I do want to know is this: Why, oh why is it that when we’’re getting ready to move on from our current house the clematis bloomed more than ever before?

Or why did we have this abundance of baby wildlife that I posted on earlier?

Or why did we discover what we swore was a hummingbird in our garden but turned out to be a Nessus Sphinx Moth (Amphion floridensis), aka hummingbird moth? (See pictures below.)Nessus Sphinx Moth

Next thing you know, one of my favorite prairie plants, Rattlesnake Master, will finally decide to show its face in our garden and I won’t be able to transplant it.

Nessus Sphinx MothIs Mother Nature just setting us up so that we can feel really guilty when the new owners come in and mow down our garden, put in sod, a chain-link fence and jungle gym while we watch 90 feet away from the bungalow, helpless, on the currently pitiful thatch-covered, weed-infested lawn that will take years to turn into a lush wildlife-filled sanctuary? Mother Nature is pretty cruel and I wouldn’’t put it past her. And I really hope the new owners don’’t mow down the garden, but I fear the worst.

Enough complaining. I’m sure you’re all dying for an update on Cicada Watch 2007! As I sit in my living room I can hear a couple of cicadas right now, but no more sightings since last weekend. The cicadas around here don’t have a chance. But on Friday as I drove through St. Paul Woods on my way to the Home Depot in Niles the cicadas were singing in full force. It’s kind of an ebb-and-flow type of thing: as you drive along there are pockets of lots of cicadas, and they really were deafening, but then in other areas, pretty much nothing. Then the crescendo builds and you hit another heavy pocket of them.

This morning after brunch we drove through Park Ridge, which is one of the heavily-infested cicada areas. We drove past an older gentleman who was out mowing his lawn and we about died laughing when we noticed he was wearing a red motorcycle helmet with a full face shield! Unfortunately no picture to show you——you’ll have to use your imagination, but I’m sure it will be as funny as it was in real life.

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