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Getting There!

It’s already Day 20 of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure: Hang Your Artwork. I was a little bit late in getting my old frame to the framer, so it wasn’t ready for pick-up until today. I don’t know if they would normally do it for anyone, but we know them personally so they agreed to cut the old frame and glass to size for us.


I quickly spray painted the metal frame using Krylon Fusion in Satin Brown. Although it’s intended mainly for plastic, the guy at Ace highly recommended using it for metal as well. He claimed it worked great. As promised, the paint was dry to the touch within 15 minutes so I was able to paint it and put it together quickly (shown in progress, above).

Now I just need to figure out where to hang it in the guest bedroom!

I got most of my other chores finished over the weekend, including cleaning out and organizing both bathroom cabinets.



For my project, the TV room closet, I think I’m on my third trip to Container Store, either because I forgot something, decided I didn’t need other things and returned them, or adjusted what I thought I wanted to do.

I finally have all the shelving installed and I just need to finish putting everything in its place.

I’ll take final photos once I put the finishing touches on it, but here’s a sneak peek.

There are only a few days left for the January Cure and it looks like I’ll reach my goals. The assignments for the last few days are to: spruce up and surface clean; go grocery shopping for the “end-of-Cure” celebration (I plan to make a nice dinner for Pete); and pat myself on the back, relax and celebrate.

I can definitely handle that!

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