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Playing Catch-Up, Again

I have a lot to catch up on today for Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. I didn’t really work on much on this week, and Pete went to work on the cottage today, so I’m on my own.

This week’s chores were to:

  • Get Papers and Files in Order, which has been a work in progress all month for me anyway
  • Exercise a Little Cord Control, something I always try to do from the start because a jumble of cords drive me crazy
  • Give Your Bathroom & Medicine Cabinets a Cleanout, which I want/need to do today
  • Looking at Living Room Lighting, another thing I want to do today, because I always feel like I’m lighting-challenged
  • Flowers, Clean Living Room, and Empty Outbox

2013012701I already have the flowers, the living room is already clean, and my “outbox”, the things that need to be discarded or donated, will probably just move to the basement for now, because there are other things there already that need to go as well.

Yesterday I ordered and picked up my Elfa shelving from Container Store. It was super easy to order it online and schedule to pick it up at the store once it was ready. The store was busy and lines were long, so I saved time by already paying for it online. It also prevented me from impulse-buying things I didn’t need!

As I brought everything into the house I dropped the shelves on my foot, bruising my big toe pretty badly. I’m sure I didn’t break a bone, but it’s definitely going to impact my workouts for a while, especially on the treadmill. Grrrr!


My project, the TV room closet, is in the home stretch. I had plenty of leftover paint for the ceiling and upper walls, but just enough paint for the lower walls.

I’m really happy with the colors, Benjamin Moore Frappé (AF-085) for the ceiling/upper walls, which is the same color as the TV room ceiling, and Honeymoon (AF-345) for the lower walls, which is the color I used on the ceilings in the living/dining rooms.

While both Benjamin Moore paints, the ceiling paint is from their Natura line, a no-VOC brand, while the lower section is in the Aura family, which is their low-VOC line. There was a definite difference between the two, and I get a lot of hits on this site from people searching for those differences, so I’ll be writing about those soon.

I think Pete may have taken the drill with him, so I guess I’ll have to wait for him to install the shelving. I’m really looking forward to getting this done!


  1. Sharon on January 27, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    It’s looking really nice. Good job keeping up on the challenge. I do terrible at things like this. =)

  2. kathy on January 29, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Love my Elfa shelving! We bought it for the master bedroom years ago when I went on an organizing spree. Easy to buy and install and it’s one of the few things that actually remains organized in the house. Plus it more than doubled the amount of storage space in the closet.

    Heal fast!

  3. denise on January 30, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Thanks guys! I usually need some kind of deadline (self-imposed or otherwise) to keep me motivated, so this has been good for me.

    Yes, the Elfa is definitely easy to install and looks really nice compared to the big box hardware stores.

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