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Back on Track

2013012102Not only did I clean the bedroom this weekend (the Apartment Therapy January Cure weekend assignment), but we also cleaned the floors in the entire house which was the assignment for the first weekend that I had opted to postpone.

Look at how nice that hardwood looks!



I also decided to move the clothes hamper right next to the chair, upon which I usually tossed my clothes, in an attempt to quash that urge. I figured I could even use the hamper as a side table if I needed to.


Now it looks as though I need to hang something on the wall above it as it looks rather plain.

And as I hoped, Pete has finished working on patching and repairing the walls in the TV room closet, so I will be on track for painting this weekend. I may hold off on varnishing the woodwork until spring when I varnish the second floor trim, so that will save me some time.

2013012101The landing strip has been working out great so far. Even Ella gives it a big two paws up!

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