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Slow Progress This Week

So much for staying on track with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure! After creating a landing strip, the rest of this week’s assignments were to:

  1. Work on our goal project
  2. Try a media fast
  3. Declutter books and media
  4. Flowers and bedroom cleaning

2013011902I have made some progress, but not as much as I’d like. I’ve been working on my goal project, the TV room closet, as much as I could, and I’m hoping I can get Pete to patch the walls this weekend so I can paint the walls and varnish the woodwork next weekend. Once that’s done I just need to buy and mount the shelving. It’s going to be tight but I hope to meet the end-of-month deadline!


I’m finishing the closet woodwork stripping and cleaning today. I think the upper part looks pretty good and I just need to scrub down the baseboard.

I thought about painting the lower part of the wall in a fun color, like the deep red of our flea market signage, but I think I’ll use the gold color I used on the ceiling in the living and dining rooms instead, Benjamin Moore’s Honeymoon (AF-345), which I also used in the front entry closet. There’s some gold in our Flor carpet pattern in the TV room, so I think that will look nice. The upper part will be the same color as the TV room ceiling, BM Frappé (AF-085), an off-white/creamy color. I hope I have enough leftover paint.

The second and third assignments didn’t happen, and they probably won’t. I decluttered our books a while ago, and while they could probably use more thinning, I haven’t added to them recently either so I think they’re still in pretty good shape.

I do want to try a media fast at some point, but it just didn’t happen this week.

I’ll definitely be working on the last assignment this weekend: bedroom cleaning. I noticed some major dust bunnies under the chair, and I have a bad habit of tossing clothes on the chair instead of into the hamper — must stop!

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