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Now That’s Some Garbage You Can Live With!

Remember Phil Hartman from Saturday Night Live as The Anal Retentive Chef? He would show some perfectly chopped red bell peppers and proceed to throw out one that was chopped just a little too big, one that was a little wrinkly, etc. until he finds fault with all of it and has to start over.

To dispose of the garbage, he first folds it up in a paper towel, then tightly wraps it in aluminum foil and finally places it in a paper bag, which is folded twice and taped shut. He then holds it up and announces, “Now that’s some garbage you can live with!”

This is how I’m feeling now that we’ve completed our Waste Corral. Will you just look at how great it turned out?


The long panels in the front of the bin slide up and out so that we can access the compost more easily.

After a few bonehead moves on our part, we finally got it squared off and level. We really should have built panels first by connecting the boards to the posts, set the posts in dirt/gravel and then finished it off from there. But we set up the posts first and later had to dig up and reposition some. Oh well, it was a good project to learn from and we’re happy with the results.

On the other side of the gravel path we’ll eventuallybuild a raised vegetable garden, but we don’t plan on using the garden until next year.


Below is a view from the alley side. Our garbage and recycling bins have already been pulled out for pick up. I’ll plant some native grasses in between the two to keep the dirt from splashing on the fence.


With the vegetable scraps piling up quickly now that we’ve been getting our weekly box of produce, I’m so relieved that we finally have a compost pile that I can live with!

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  1. Renate on August 1, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    Too pretty for garbage.

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