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Landing Strip Assignment

We’re about halfway through the January Cure and I’m doing a pretty good job in keeping up and staying motivated.

Yesterday’s assignment was to Create a Landing Strip and Start Using It. Our current setup has most of the features Apartment Therapy describes as requirements, such as a door mat and hooks or hangers. But our “landing strip” has consisted of several spots on the kitchen countertop, and it drives me crazy!

One of our biggest issues in creating a “proper” entryway is that our mail is delivered to the front door, but we use the back door almost exclusively because that’s where the garage is located. When I get the mail, I tend to toss it on the dining room table in the middle of the house on my way elsewhere and it piles up quickly and becomes overwhelming. I need to break that habit and I’m hoping this will do the trick.

I always yearned for a mudroom and when we first planned our attic renovation, we had the architect draw up plans to enclose the porch and add one at the back door, but we had to cut that out of the budget when other unexpected expenses arose. I’ve given up on adding that now because I don’t think the expense will add much value to the house or our way of living.

We improved our main entryway in other ways instead. Because we had to steal 6″ from the kitchen to widen our staircase, we took the opportunity to change the kitchen layout using the existing cabinets. The new layout left about 12″ of space near the back door which I use as a mini coat rack. Pete prefers to hang his coat in the breakfast room closet, which is also right next to the back door and houses our recycling bin and gym gear.

I also added a door mat area using 4 modular tiles from Flor. I can’t remember which style I bought, but you can filter it down by color, high traffic, etc.

So with yesterday’s assignment, the last thing I needed to do was figure out our landing strip. There is an old stereo cabinet in our breakfast room that was made by a friend which I acquired when he moved and I sublet his apartment. We were using it to store receipts, an idea box for the house (I save how-to articles from magazines, paint chips or fabric samples, decor ideas that inspire me, etc.). I decided the cabinet might work better as our landing strip since I’d be creating a bill pay/storage space in our TV room closet.

2013011401I need to take a better picture and finish it up, but here it is.

I love that it matches our kitchen cabinets, so I don’t need to change anything there. Our key hook was already hung on the wall above it, and we use a mason jar for loose change which will work nicely here.

It also gives us a place underneath to stash my laptop bag and the reusable shopping bags that need to go back to the car.

Finally, it allows me to cross another thing off the list I made in the beginning, Remove IKEA drop-leaf table, which was mounted under the window and we never used. Pete already started to patch the holes from it, so once he’s done I’ll just need to touch up the paint.

I’m really excited about how it’s turning out and am looking forward to seeing how well it works in practice!

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