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Day One: Make a List of Projects

Today was the first day of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure to get your house in shape over the next 30 days.

I call Organizing one of my favorite “hobbies” (only half-jokingly) but I also sometimes need a little push to get going, so this was a welcome challenge at the start of a new year.


You can follow along on their website, where there’s a downloadable pdf of the day-to-day plan (shown above) and/or you can sign up to receive a daily email with your next assignment.

So, today’s assignment was to Make a List of Projects, first going room-by-room through the house and noting areas that need to be cleaned, re-organzied or de-cluttered. From that analysis, a list of 3-5 projects per room (maximum) should be chosen. (I have to say that “3-5 projects per room” seems very daunting, but the way they describe it, it seems more like 3-5 tasks). Here we go:

Bungalow Chronicles’ January Cure Project List


  • Break down and recycle empty boxes in closet from Christmas
    Dining Room

  • Repurpose cabinet currently storing old photos
  • Dust bookcases

  • Clean out cabinets
  • Clean up linen closet
    TV Room

  • Strip painted woodwork in closet
  • Paint closet
  • Make desk/bill-paying area in closet?
  • Add shelves in closet
    Guest Bedroom

  • Strip painted woodwork in closet
  • Paint closet
  • Frame and Hang artwork
  • Display quilts on wall?

  • Wipe down cabinets
  • Clean up cabinet under sink
  • Remove IKEA drop-leaf table
  • Patch/paint hole from table mounting brackets
    Breakfast Room

  • Strip painted woodwork in closet (walls already painted)
  • Clean up closet
  • Clean up desk!! (Move to TV room closet desk?)
    Master Bedroom

  • Rearrange clothes in dresser
  • Wash bedskirt
    Master Bathroom

  • Clean out cabinet
  • Artwork?

  • Finish organizing art supplies
  • Install solar roller shade

Yeah, I think that list is long enough, but even as Apartment Therapy says, this is a more of a master plan and is not intended to be completed this month. A lot of these things can be done in 15 minutes or a couple hours max, though, so a lot of it should be pretty doable. And other things I had been planning on doing before I even signed up for the Cure, like stripping the paint off the woodwork in the closets and painting the closet walls (at least in the TV room). Obviously those projects will take more time.

Okay, Day One, DONE! What’s next?

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