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What a Difference a Door Makes!

All the doors in our attic remodel are installed and trimmed out. It makes such a difference in the look and feel of the attic reno. It finally feels like it’s really a part of the rest of the house.

The carpenter still needs to install the doorknobs. I’m sure we could do it ourselves, but since he included it in his price, we’ll let him finish it while we work on other projects — of course there are still plenty of things to do around here.

Notice how he handled the angle of the ceiling with the door trim. He said it would have looked unfinished if the trim butted into the angled ceiling. I think he was right but we probably wouldn’t have thought of that if we were doing it ourselves. I’m just glad we didn’t have to cut a corner off the door itself.

He did such an awesome job that we’re having him come back asap to finish the baseboard trim AND fix the stairs. We’ll save some money by doing both of them at once.

The window trim looks pretty spectacular too.

I don’t want to take the painter’s tape off until I get the second coat of varnish on, and I don’t want to varnish until the baseboard is installed, just so I don’t have to clean a brush more times than I need to. I am dying to admire the windows in all their “fully-trimmed-out” glory (sans painter’s tape), but that will have to wait another week or two.

There’s no way the doors and windows would have turned out as nicely if we tried to do them ourselves. He had to make adjustments in a number of places because the drywall or framing apparently wasn’t plumb. I’m sure he’ll come across more issues installing the baseboard, so we think this is a case of “best to leave that to the professionals”.

As for the storm window project…it’s almost done, but I forgot to include the arched basement window in the time estimate. I still have another coat of paint to do there, but it.is.looking.GREAT. Photos to come!


  1. Sharon on September 10, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    Looks nice. I should have masked my windows before I stained and shellacked them. Now I have to spend way too long scraping the glass with a razor blade.

    • denise on September 11, 2012 at 8:11 am

      I feel your pain–I’m usually so excited to DO the project that I don’t spend enough time doing the prep work and regret it later. I’d say “Live and Learn” but speaking for myself I’ll probably continue to do it that way! 🙂

  2. Rachel Sloan on October 27, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    Does your carpenter do work in Chicago city proper? I’d love to look into any recommendations you may have!

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