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The PO Visit

Yesterday we had the PO and his wife over for lunch along with a neighbor couple from across the street. We first really got to know this neighbor at the PO’s wedding a couple years ago and they’re a lot of fun. The PO always managed to get the husband, who is retired and old enough to be his father, to do yard work and other things around the house when the PO still lived here. Yesterday he was really trying hard (half-jokingly, but he was probably dead serious) to get him to come to his new place to paint, but the neighbor laughed it off.

We showed them what we unearthed in the yard, and the PO said that it pre-dates him (he moved here in the mid-1960s). He doesn’t recall a brick border anywhere in the yard and said that it was mostly grass with a number of trees, including magnolia, apple, and peach. By the time we came to own it, it was all (crab)grass.

He also claims the compact isn’t his, which, by the way, I managed to pry open over the weekend. Sure enough, it is makeup compact powder, and you could still smell the perfume in it. Amazing.

They all really liked what we’ve done with the place, although the PO found a couple of my wall color choices questionable. We already know where his tastes lie, so I’m not offended. Everyone seems amazed at how much we’ve accomplished, but I think when you enjoy the house and your surroundings you’re more motivated to work on it (but talk to me again in five years). I really feel so much better about this house than our previous house —— it just fits me.

We also gave him the pink leaded glass lamp we recently removed from the kitchen. More recycling in action!

I think the PO* was really happy to see the place again, and he doesn’t regret buying his new house, so that’s a big plus. All in all, it was a nice visit and I’m really glad we had them over.

*By the way, for those who don’t speak German, “Po” (pronounced “poh” or “Poe”, as in Edgar Allen) means “butt / behind / rear-end” in the more endearing sense of the word, unlike “ass” aka “Arsch”. If you’ve read a variety of Houseblogs you’ve probably discovered that we all have varying degrees of love/hate when it comes to the previous owners of our homes. Overall I think “Po” is a fitting nickname for our PO, even though there were a couple of times during the purchase phase when he was a total Arsch.

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