A blog about the restoration, remodel and renovation of a 1929 Chicago-style brick bungalow

More Site Changes

I guess I’m really overhauling the website (I’ll do anything to avoid cleaning right now!). In addition to the recent design change, I’ve also finally implemented a Category section in the sidebar so that people can more easily read about areas of the house that interest them. Most of the categories are self-explanatory.

The Journal category contains posts that don’t really pertain to a specific spot in the house. The posts there might be about childhood memories, musings, experiences, diversions, THE CATS, the post you’re reading right now, etc.

I’m paring down the Tags section as well. The tags will be represent more details within the general Categories sections, e.g. from a post in the Master Suite category, you can click on the master bathroom tag at the end of the article to read more posts that only pertain to the bathroom and not the bedroom.

You’ll also see thumbnail images for most of the posts under Category and Tags (I’ve finished a bunch, but I’m still working on adding them to some posts).

Although I updated the About Us page, it hasn’t changed much (other than the addition of the “before” photos). I get so many spam hits on the old About Us page (thank you, Akismet, for blocking those!), so I thought by creating an entirely new page and deleting the old one it might alleviate that.

Finally, I’m working on the Before/After section that will give an overview of each room in the house from the time we moved in until present day. I’m going to revamp the Windows and Basement pages, but I’ve already added the Living Room and Dining Room.

Anyway, I hope it makes it easier to navigate and explore our bungalow. I welcome your comments too!

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