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No Kermit, it IS easy being Green

There is so much talk nowadays about being green, reducing your carbon footprint, the four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and restore, etc. I think it’s great that it has finally become more commonplace, and I hope it increases.

While we’re by no means perfect, since at least the early ’90s both Pete and I having been consciously and conscientiously doing our part to help Mother Earth. We’re not fanatics, nor are we preachy. We just do what we can and often add to our “green repertoire” as we go along.

Since April is drawing near and is designated as Earth Month, I thought I’d devote some posts over the next few weeks to Being Green around our house (without trying to be preachy!). I’m sure many things are obvious, but perhaps there are a few new ideas or tips that someone out there would appreciate and can incorporate into their own routine.

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