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Splitting Up

Last spring, just before we closed on this house our neighbor (who was also our neighbor in the previous house — we basically leap-frogged them) bought half of the empty lot between the two houses which the PO owned. They had approached him long ago and asked if he would consider selling part of the property to them if he ever moved. They only had a standard city lot, so they had very little yard. We were fine with this plan since we really didn’t need a double lot.

Now that we own half the lot and they own the other half, it has a feeling like this is something we share instead of our side yard as an extension of our house and the other part belonging to them. I’m all in for being neighborly and it’s nothing personal, but I’m not into sharing it. So there are a number of things we’re planning to really make this yard our own.

First off, it had a cyclone fence running along the alley between our garages which the PO had installed. Although not as tall as our other fence, it too had the green and white aluminum strips weaving through the chain link. Since the lot was now divided, it needed to go so that it no longer unified the space. With their consent we took the fence down last summer.

It also has a large dirt patch between the garages that both the PO and the neighbors used as a vegetable garden. Beyond a few tomato plants, I have no interest in vegetable gardening at this time, so our part of that garden will be greatly reduced.

The biggest thing will be to delineate the yard in some way. I don’t think we need a fence, and the neighbors also like the openness, however I do want to define our space. So we’re thinking about a simple gravel path along the property line that also leads into other paths throughout the garden. Since we’re planning to plant a prairie garden, the path will serve a dual purpose: both as a way to walk around the garden and also to keep the prairie from encroaching into areas where it may not be welcome. Because I realize that my idea of the perfect yard may not necessarily be shared by others around us —— so I’m just trying to be neighborly.

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  1. joyce on March 13, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    It’s a fine line to walk sometimes, isn’t it? Your solution sounds like a winner.

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