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A Sunny Kitchen

ktichen tableAs anxious as I am about moving out of the 1962 raised ranch in which I have lived for 17 years, there are some things that I will miss about the place, such as the kitchen sunlight. Even though the bungalow has the same orientation as this house, it doesn’t have windows as large or as many.2007052502.jpg

With a large picture window facing east to the backyard, and a bay window and window over the kitchen sink both facing south, we get a lot of sun in here. We made the benches you see in the top photo to match the old farm table we stripped of its 7 layers of paint (thank you Silent Paint Remover!) so we could gaze at the garden and watch the birds at the feeder.mourning dove imprint

Originally there was a small window where the bay is. Pete made the bay window using casement windows he found at his family’s cottage in Wisconsin.

The large picture window has its drawbacks however, as birds occasionally fly into it despite our efforts to prevent that from happening (bird silhouette decals don’t seem to work very well). 2007052504.jpgHere you see the imprint left from a mourning dove that flew into the window earlier this spring. Check out the close-up shot: you can make out the eye and beak! I rush out if I hear it to check on the bird, and as far as I know it hasn’t killed one yet. I have seen some a little stunned for a while but they would eventually fly off. I freak out every time I hear it.


  1. Greg on May 26, 2007 at 11:34 pm

    That silhouette is amazing! You can almost detect an expression on the face. I bet that left a mark…..on the bird, as well.

  2. denise on May 31, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    I know! And I swear the same bird did it again a few days later, this time a full frontal…hadn’t ever happened before or since then. Maybe that’s why we’ve seen a Cooper’s Hawk hanging out in our backyard: dumb birds = easy pickins!

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