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Another House-iversary Has Come and Gone

I missed the 5th anniversary of owning this fine house by a month! Ah well, we’re not going anywhere, so there will be plenty more. Today is a little overcast and we got some much-needed rain last night, so I snapped a few quick photos to chronicle the changes year-by-year.

June 2007

Here is how the house looked before we officially bought it in June 2007. The storage pod arrived in January of that year and sat virtually empty until about June when the PO’s move finally began in earnest. The lawn still really hasn’t recovered (not that we’ve really tried that hard to fix it — it’s kind of low on the priority list).

June 2008

Our 1st Anniversary was marred by a burglary. It sucked, but it’s behind us and I don’t dwell on it because there’s nothing we can do about it. Anyway, we hadn’t done much to the exterior at this point beyond painting the basement windows and trying annuals in window boxes (it wasn’t very successful).

June 2009

Our 2nd Anniversary. We were in the midst of the attic remodel. Note the clipped gables on the dormer which gives it a more ground-hugging bungalow feel and the dormer windows which match the size and style of the originals found in the attic (damaged beyond repair). I was happy to get rid of the pinkish roof too (which our garage still has and I’m hoping to remedy this year).

June 2010

By our 3rd Anniversary it’s looking a little more refreshed. We added the pine (which will probably be moved this fall now that we have a proper landscaping plan).

June 2011

I missed our 4th Anniversary but found a photo from May 2011. Doesn’t look like much had changed on the exterior and I think we were taking a breather from interior projects as well. Sometimes you need that.

June 2012

And as it looks today. The yard still looks “unfinished” but more mature. It’s getting there. I look forward to the day where we can do little projects here and there, like plant one bush vs. 10, hang one piece of new artwork on the wall vs. having to stain and varnish hundreds of feet of trim work…you get the picture. One day, but not this year. Or probably next year.

Slowly but surely though, I think our perseverance is paying off. Happy Anniversary, dear Bungalow!

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  1. Sharon on July 26, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Congrats! Happy belated anniversary!

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