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What Door?

Now that we have curious little creatures in the house again, I was determined to finish one part of our attic remodel: closing up the knee wall access points.

This was one of those projects where we thought we’d save a little money and do it ourselves. Well, that’s fine if one has the time and inclination to finish it but when it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day living then trust me, it falls toward the bottom of the to-do list.

After a year or so of living with the exposed framing, Pete finished it off with drywall but I wasn’t going to paint it until we had doors for them. I didn’t want regular doors though. I wanted them to be flush with the wall without trim and painted to blend into the wall as much as possible using magnetic push latches to open them. From time-to-time we talked about how we were going to do it but words never sprung into action. Eventually I bought hardware for the doors but still no action.

Next thing I know another year has gone by and when Henry and Ella arrived I told Pete that I was going to call our contractor to come in and do it before we allowed the kittens to venture upstairs. Pete was more than happy to relinquish the project and two of our contractor’s guys arrived later that week and finished the project in one day. It probably would have taken us a week solid to do it ourselves. Sigh.

They not only finished the 3 access doors, 2 in our bedroom and 1 in my studio, but they also finished my window seat in the bedroom as well as two bookcases in the studio. Photos for those to come.

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