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Happy Plumbing

The plumber rodded out the sewer, fixed the ejector pump, installed the basement toilet in the main bathroom and put the green-eyed monster toilet in D’’s storage pod. It was nothing major, thank the “Reno” gods.

Pete pulled up the vinyl sheet flooring, which was a little hard to do but he managed. There was an article in last week’’s Chicago Tribune that addressed how to remove vinyl sheet flooring from concrete. Here’’s a summary:

  • Use a razor knife and cut the vinyl into long 1- to 2-feet wide strips
  • Pull off the vinyl until you just have the paper layer left
  • Soak the paper with hot, soapy water and scrape with an industrial floor scraper using replaceable surgical steel blades
  • After removing as much of the paper as possible, use Kleen Strip, a vinyl adhesive remover on the remaining
  • Make sure there’’s plenty of ventilation and wear rubber gloves, boots and safety glasses
  • Placing a sheet of plastic over the wet floor will reduce evaporation and allow the stripper to do its job
  • You should then be able to use the floor scraper to remove the remaining residue

Luckily Pete didn’’t have to use the stripper and was able to get most of the gunk off without too much effort. I haven’t really inspected the condition of the concrete in there yet, but this is something I did in our current house using paint, which I might do again (note the camouflaged drain in the black “tile”). basement tile

What I’’d really like to do in the basement is stain the concrete floor and varnish it——it has such a rich, warm look to it——perfect for a basement. Right now the floor is just painted beige. Something to add the wish list….

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