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Happy House-iversary!

Three years ago today we became the proud owners of this fine bungalow and haven’t regretted it for one minute.

The blog began about a month earlier, and it has been great to “chronicle” all that we’ve done and see how much the house has changed. Since I recently compiled the renovation highlights in the 2nd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour post, today I thought I’d take a look at the exterior changes.

When we first bought the house, it was looking a little tired. Seeing it here now, I wonder what I saw in it. Maybe it was just the change in residences I really needed so I looked past its faults and only saw its possibilities.

June 2007

After our first anniversary, we began to landscape a little, we had scraped and painted the basement windows, and some of the lawn had regrown (the PO had a storage pod sitting in that spot for literally six months). I also tried some annuals in window boxes, but wasn’t thrilled with the outcome.

June 2008

On our second anniversary, we were in the throes of the attic renovation and it was here where we really made a big leap in improving the bungalow’s look, first by clipping the gables in the front and back which made the bungalow more ground-hugging. The red/gray/white shingles (which made the roof look pink) were replaced with a more earthy color to match the face brick, and the vinyl windows were replaced with aluminum-clad wood windows that matched the size and look of the original windows left in the attic (damaged beyond repair).

June 2009

And now on our third anniversary, how it looks today:

June 2010

The landscaping still has a long way to go. We haven’t even started on one section of the side yard, but at least we smothered all the weeds there. It has been covered in mulch and will probably remain that way for a while longer. We dug up the sidewalk that led from the front sidewalk because it just seemed to chop up the yard and made it appear like the side yard didn’t belong with the house (actually, we paid some guys who were pouring a new sidewalk for the neighbor to dig it up). Right now that is covered in mulch too while we figure out a better landscaping plan (or get some professional help).

Eventually I’d also love to build a brick surround for the fireplace chimney, but that will probably be further down the road. As I’ve already mentioned, the next exterior project will be a custom storm window for the arched basement windows and then new wood storm windows for the seven bay windows, hopefully before the next anniversary!

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  1. Bettie Tuck on July 11, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Love your house. I have always loved bungalows – One has to have patience when purchasing a diamond in the rough. What a showplace this will be in your neighborhood. Love the blog.

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