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Dining Room Ideas

I’ve been thinking about the dining room a bit and formulating some ideas. Our dining room set is really our old kitchen table set which I bought from friends (along with lots of other stuff that I still have) before they moved to Maui almost twenty years ago. I took over their apartment too (this was before I dated Pete). 2008010903.jpg

When we put the previous house on the market, we were without a dining room table. So we stripped and painted an old table that belonged to Pete’s grandparents, built two benches to match and added two IKEA chairs to stage the kitchen (shown at right). It took up less space than the other table and made the eating area look much bigger.2008010901.jpg

Then we took the old kitchen table and added a sheet of plywood to make the tabletop more dining-room-table-sized. Although the table extended for extra leaves, there were none. So to attach the new tabletop, we secured a leaf-sized piece of plywood and added dowels to the bottom of it to fit into the table and hold it in place. Add a tablecloth et voilá! Seating for six.

It’s fine for now, but unless I find the perfect antique table for the space, then I’d like a table made from reclaimed wood that has lots of character to it, like those made by Staples Cabinetmakers (table shown below). 2008010902.jpgAnd I’ve been thinking that I’d like to use modern chairs to go along with it, like the ones shown here from Room+Board (although I love them, the Eames Plywood chairs are a bit too expensive for me). I think a modern chair could work well with an antique table, but when I showed the chairs to Pete, he made a face. So we’ll see about that idea. If he’s adamant about it, then my other idea is to find various mismatched chairs. It might be fun to collect those over a period of time. I just don’t want something that looks too formal, because that’s definitely not who we are.


  1. casacaudill on January 10, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    lately i’ve really liked the idea of antique tables and modern chairs. it just looks so chic, i think.

  2. Renate on January 10, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    You should definitely get the Eames chairs. Just don’t tell Pete I said so! (heehee)

  3. denise on January 10, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    casacaudill: I agree — although I don’t want it to look trendy either. But if the modern chair designs have withstood the test of time for 50+ years, then I would think it wouldn’t look trendy over time, right?!
    Renate: are you trying to stir up trouble? Misery loves company, eh? 😉

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