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Kitchen Cure: Week One Results

Although I completed Apartment Therapy’s Week One Kitchen Cure assignment last weekend, I’m totally behind on my posts.

First I removed everything from the pantry, wiped down the shelves and got rid of things I hadn’t used in ages, like the corn syrup I used to make ice cream fudge sauce for Christmas gifts one year.

Then I went through the fridge and found one lowly Boca Burger in the freezer from 2007 (yikes!) along with leftover gravy from Thanksgiving (that was rather gross) and other miscellaneous past-their-prime items. I have no idea how some things ended up in my fridge in the first place, like a jar of sweet cherry peppers. I know I never bought them, so out they went.

Once I rearranged things a little, I found that I had lots more space and could find things much more easily. I always start out with some organization, but eventually it gets messed up, especially when the husband simply places things in the most convenient empty space. I’ll forgive him, though. At least he puts things away.

The best changes were making room for the Penguin Soda Maker bottles in the door, placing all eggs and dairy on the same shelf, and putting leftovers and other more perishable items on top where they’re easy to see.

In the pantry I put all baking ingredients on a lower shelf, all canned goods on an easily-accessible shelf, and placed oils and vinegars together on a tall shelf. I also used a rectangular Tupperware container to hold bags of nuts and seeds, and another one for dried beans, rice and other grains.

While this was going on, we have also been working on the kitchen wall, which ties into my special Kitchen Cure project. More on that next!

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  1. southsideandy on March 7, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    I mean this in the nicest way possible: Thank you for posting about the refrigerator cleanout. I feel 1,000 times better about ours. Of course, I’m ridiculously vigilant about using or pitching items, so much so it drives my wife crazy. 🙂

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